People and roles



  • Guides the association to achieve its objectives.
  • Chairs meetings and is the spokesperson for the association.
  • Prepares agendas with other committee members
  • Ensures that the other committee members carry out their allotted tasks.
  • Informs committee members and association members of meetings with councillors, council and Lambeth staff and other residents’ associations.



  • Shares the workload with the chair, deputises for the chair in his or her absence.



  • Takes minutes of meetings and circulates afterwards.
  • Arranges the meeting room or hall
  • Informs all members of the time, date and place of meetings.
  • Writes and receives all correspondence, raises issues during meetings.
  • Keeps a membership list, telephone numbers etc.
  • Produces a newsletter, with the help of other committee members.



  • Opens a bank account, sharing responsibility for agreeing payments with at least one other committee member.
  • Deals with money in and out of bank accounts and keeps receipts, uses an account book.
  • Keeps committee and general meetings informed of financial situation.
  • Draws up annual accounts for AGM and arranges independent check of the accounts in liaison with the RPO.
  • Also see the separate section called Financial Records for Treasurers

Hawah, Judith, Catalina

Committee member

  • Give support to the executive committee members, as agreed at committee meetings.
  • Accepts responsibility for some of the duties outlined above, perform their tasks and report back to the committee as and when required.

Rhys Ferguson

Neighbourhood Housing Officer


Peter Ely

Thurlow Park Councillor

Phone: 07542 943522


Photos: Alastair Fyfe. email:

Anna Birley

Thurlow Park Councillor

Phone: 07920 548 315


Fred Cowell

Thurlow Park Councillor

Phone: 07920 559491


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